Gulfood in a few days he defined an important step for Caffe Lusardi by expanding the territories of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

Azim Abdul “Satarzada” of Punctual

Mr. Satarzada is the CEO of Punctual and during the last fair at Gulfood, we defined the exclusivity of supply of Caffè Lusardi products for the territories of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

Sooner or later I’ll have to start making a nice map of the various areas that we are rapidly conquering thanks to the quality of Caffè Lusardi products.

The fascination of shooting in dispersed territories in the middle of the desert is also associated with the difficulty with which some communicative elements are recovered or how it is possible to find information to share.

This journey began with the closing of an important contract and the subsequent preparation of a supply destined for two territories where the consumption of coffee has steadily increased over the years.

It was an intense day and the next day immediately on the road, again, this time with destination Al Seef and new territories to conquer.