Slightly exhausted, but strongly motivated by stop in Frankfurt we arrive at Al Seef in Baharain to meet Ain Meem.

Al Seef skyline in Dubai

As soon as you cross the borders of the United Arab Emirates, many things change and the view, as in the case of the Al Seef skyline, is one of them.

The Al Seef area stands out for communication and integration, for art and cooking places pushed on various levels, maintaining, as happens in most countries, a strong attachment to the roots of social, commercial and religious tradition.

Lemon Nana

Lemon Nana particularly impressed me.

Do you see that big glass glass, with that green, foamy substance and a straw inside?

That is Lemon Nana, a typical drink of the Arab territories, so much so that Nana in Arabic means Mint, hence Lemonade and Mint, the latter crushed, or with mint syrup.

In short, the excellent thirst-quenching drink used in particularly scorched territories, but a taste not comparable to others.

At the end of the meal? Coffee and bed ready for the next day’s meeting with Ain Meem.

Mr. Abdulla Majed AL Noaimi by Ain Meem

Ain Meem is a company strongly rooted in the Ho.re.ca. sector, in the medium and large distribution and constantly pushes for an expansion of imported products of significant quality in the territories of competence.

Mr. Abdulla Majed AL Noaimi by Ain Meem

The meeting with MR. Majed has borne fruit.

We had the opportunity to talk about the products that Caffè Lusardi could offer, the services that the Ain Meem company could make available to us and in front of a coffee we were able to close the exclusive supply of Caffè Lusardi products for the countries of Baharain and East Province. Saudi Arabia for the Baharain branch.

The agreement also saw the interest and the signing of the exclusive rights for Turkey and Qatar through the Turkish branch of Aim Meem.

Aim Meem’s services have allowed us to add an important step in the supply of dedicated services by Caffè Lusardi, with professional machines and support in defining future projects in which we will take part.

But it is still too early to tell anything more.