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Caffè Lusardi has decades of experience that it intends to put at your complete disposal.

Caffe Lusardi Trading Complete range of grains and pods

We took the best grains on the market and created Caffe Lusardi branded recipes.

Exported all over the world, Caffe Lusardi cannot be missing from the list of your imported ITALIAN products.

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Attention and careful qualitative selection and integrity to create the best blends on the market with the Caffe Lusardi brand or your personal brand.


We do not limit ourselves to using single origins, but we use different strengths and weaknesses of each different origin to enhance their merits and reduce their defects.

The research and selection allows you to create unique compositions and tastes of its kind.

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Taste and Flavor

We use coffee to get off to a good start and get the most out of our working, school, artistic or relaxing day.

Taste and flavor of our recipes are perfectly balanced.

Seeing is believing.


Coffee is a moment of sharing and thanks to our line of high quality professional products these moments also become wonderful to photograph.

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We export all over the world

We are looking for exclusive importers

We firmly believe in the quality of our product and in recent months we have made important investments to further improve the quality, duration of the blend and to keep the price of the product stable, contrary to what is happening in the rest of the world due to the increase in raw material costs.

We are an Italian company.

We roast according to the Italian method, with care and passion.

We bring our philosophy to the world.