Interior Apron Caffe Lusardi Highly Professional for barista

Full Apron Caffe Lusardi


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Highly professional Caffe Lusardi full apron and excellent workmanship.

Full Apron Caffe Lusardi

Lusardi Trading Whole Apron treated for Easy Care

The Easy Care treatment indicates a simple and long-lasting treatment for the maintenance of the garment.

Caffe Lusardi professional products choose a Whole Apron, in shades of black, Giallo Lusardi and Blu Lusardi, in order to be treated, washed and ironed repeatedly, as the barista profession requires.

These are fabrics treated for easy washing and drying.

In most cases, even ironing is not considered necessary.

Full Apron Caffe Lusardi details

The Caffe Lusardi Whole Apron is a 65% polyester and 35% cotton apron in a high quality fabric.

The closure of the Caffe Lusardi apron is tape with reinforcements.

The Caffe Lusardi Whole Apron has a front patch pocket with 2 sections.

Full Apron Caffe Lusardi Use and instructions for an excellent seal

The high quality of the whole Caffe Lusardi apron allows it to be washed up to 95 ° C, does not bleed and is easy to handle.

The full Caffe Lusardi apron is suitable for industrial washing.

Fit of the Caffe Lusardi shirt

The entire Caffe Lusardi apron is in ONE size, 75×95 cm